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Carlynn Tocchini

Hello, my name is Carlynn Tocchini, I am a nearly lifelong resident of Sonoma County and am so honored to join the FISH of Santa Rosa Team. I have been working in nonprofits for the last ten years. I graduated from Windsor High School, attended the Santa Rosa Junior College, and am currently enrolled at Sonoma State University. I take the well-being of my fellow residents of Sonoma County to heart and am eager to participate in helping bridge the gap of food insecurity for families in Santa Rosa. I want to give back to the community because I feel it is essential to the development of our society to treat everyone as if they were somebody’s somebody. I have personally known people, as I am sure we all have, who have struggled with food insecurity. Some make it out of that and some don’t, it is our jobs as fellow humans to lift one another in life when we face obstacles that are too big to handle alone. I really love what FISH of Santa Rosa has to offer to members of our community, and I feel the action within their mission truly exemplifies what it means to be a friend in service here.

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