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Jerry Anderson

In 2006 I retired after 25 years with Hewlett Packard/Agilent Technologies. Did the usual long-ignored projects around the house and did some fishing among other things. I had knee surgery in 2008. This curtailed some of my physical activities. It so happened five of my fishing buddies were volunteers at FISH, two of them, Pat and Nancy, were clients of my wife. Well the three of them got to talking about FISH. I talked to Pat and Nancy to learn about FISH. I learned FISH was an all-volunteer organization, no one got paid. This appealed to me.FISH was switching to a computerized system from the manual client verification process. Thevolunteerdeveloper was leaving FISH and a volunteer with computer skills was needed.

During a discussion with Jeanne-Marie Jones, then Director, I learned more about the daily and monthly operations at FISH and what would be expected of me. During the twelve years, I have been a FISH volunteer I have taken over the Newsletter processing, including having it printed, bulk mailing thru the Post Office, and bulk email. I have also upgraded the client verification process to a barcode system. Pre Covid19, my work week was about 14 hours. This was spread over three days. Due to Covid19, my work week is about 7 hours, spread over 2 days. Either way, the only fixed scheduled item is the monthly reports. Due on the second Saturday of the month, the Board Meeting.

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