John Dennison

My wife Kathleen and I have been volunteering much of our working lives. When we moved to Santa Rosa in 1972 our children were still small fry. We have two boys and a girl, all adults now. We love Santa Rosa, so it was only natural that we looked for volunteer opportunities in our area that involved our kids. We have been involved with T-ball, soccer, cycling when our kids were young. We were coaches, board members, banner makers, and refreshment bringers. We loved every minute of it.

In 1989 when the Aids epidemic hit we had gone to see the quilt at the Fairgrounds and signed up to volunteer with FOOD For Thought. That was some 30 yrs ago and we are still active with them today. We both agree that by volunteering within our community that we are giving back to Santa Rosa and our lives and the lives of our children have been rewarded greatly.

My pet peeve is when I hear someone say they have nothing to do. My involvement with FISH began in the late 90. I was volunteering with the local Vietnam Veterans Chapter and Ken Kushner became the director of FISH. He needed some help at this local food pantry. So, I gave him the support he needed and found I really enjoyed giving food to people in our community that needed a helping hand. I liked the fact that this organization was run by all caring volunteers and that it remains that way today. There have been changes of course, but the founding principals of FISH have not. That is why I like being involved and helping where I can.

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