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Parking Lot Sale for FISH of Santa Rosa
F.I.S.H is planning a parking lot sale on Saturday, September 30th from 10:00am to 4:00pm. We are located at 1710 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95402. We have two goals with this fundraiser: benefit F.I.S.H and connect with our neighborhood.

We need donated items to sell.

Please bring your donated items To F.I.S.H. starting on September 1stThe First United Methodist Church has agreed to store items gathered for the FISH Rummage Sale in a classroom at the church.  FISH Board member Karen Girard is willing to collect stuff from FISH once or twice per week and store them at the Church. Thank you, Karen!

Please make sure everything is clean. Also, we would appreciate a list of items donated with a possible price amount (your estimates will be so useful). Please drop your list off at the front office.
Thank You

Donation ideas page 1:
Donation ideas page 2:



While they last, you will receive a free FISH T-SHIRT for every donation of $100.00 or more . We have sizes from medium to large, to extra large, and xx-large. We also have black shirts available in large and XX-large. If you don’t want your shirt, you can donate it to one of our client/volunteers. Just let us know your size or if you want to donate your shirt. They will be available for pick up at our site: 1710 Sebastopol Road in Santa Rosa


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